The purpose of this page is to challenge me to open my eyes and truly see the world which surrounds me. So often we trudge though our daily routine, too busy or preoccupied to notice the little miracles happening all around us. I hope to capture, through the lens of a camera, glimpses of my sometimes mundane but glorious little world. I will attempt to post one snapshot each day to share with you. Enjoy!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

November 29, 2012

So... their haircuts are just a bit shorter than what I would normally do or want for them, but the hair was so matted the groomer HAD to go to this length.  The good thing is, it's hair rather than fur and will grow out quickly.  Or at least enough to do the family photo for Christmas in a few weeks!  In the meantime, they're shaking and shivering but not bothering to remove the Christmas bow leis on their collars.
Kailua, Hawaii

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