The purpose of this page is to challenge me to open my eyes and truly see the world which surrounds me. So often we trudge though our daily routine, too busy or preoccupied to notice the little miracles happening all around us. I hope to capture, through the lens of a camera, glimpses of my sometimes mundane but glorious little world. I will attempt to post one snapshot each day to share with you. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

December 18, 2012

Every morning I get up and hook the pups up to go out for their morning walk. All without turning on a light. Well, not anymore! Dumb luck on my part, I didn't step on this nasty bugger. The centipede's bite is as painful as a scorpion sting! It's the first time we've had one in the house. It must be because of all the rain dumping on us lately. 
Kailua, Hawaii

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  1. Ahh! As I saw that picture before reading I thought "No way that is real, that's gotta be plastic..." that is nuts, glad you didn't get stung!