The purpose of this page is to challenge me to open my eyes and truly see the world which surrounds me. So often we trudge though our daily routine, too busy or preoccupied to notice the little miracles happening all around us. I hope to capture, through the lens of a camera, glimpses of my sometimes mundane but glorious little world. I will attempt to post one snapshot each day to share with you. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October 17, 2012

A day on the water filled with exciting activity!  Julie, Michelle and I set out from the marina on Stand Up Paddleboards for the 4 mile trip around Coconut Island.  It was smooth paddling out into the bay and around the backside of the island to Gilligan's Cove.  As we paddled toward the dolphin pens the trainers started the feeding, which got them jumping, spinning and flipping!  The show lasted a good ten minutes as we slowly made our way past them and headed back out into the now wavy bay.  On our return trip we watched the Navy HSL-37 (helicopter) squadron and Coast Guard practice rescue techniques close to the other end of the base, while Navy and Air Force planes practiced landings and take-offs and Marine Corps helicopters buzzed in and out of the mix.  Closer to us, a race was getting underway for a flotilla of 420's using colorful spinnaker sails.  An ultra light, super fast Moth (hydroplane sailboat type vessel) zipped by us several times, almost hitting Michelle on one pass.  Once we got to the mudflats we had smooth, easy paddling back to our marina and even spotted our regular friendly turtle.   Lots going on today!
Kaneohe, Hawaii

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