The purpose of this page is to challenge me to open my eyes and truly see the world which surrounds me. So often we trudge though our daily routine, too busy or preoccupied to notice the little miracles happening all around us. I hope to capture, through the lens of a camera, glimpses of my sometimes mundane but glorious little world. I will attempt to post one snapshot each day to share with you. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

October 28, 2012

This guy has been walking up and down the street all day.  I'm not sure who or what he's looking for, but he doesn't appear to have been successful.  Maybe he's just a bit mixed up after last nights tsunami warning and evacuation.   I know we are.  It turned out to be not so big of a deal, but any time the tsunami warning sirens are going off every 15 minutes, it can be a bit unsettling.  After snatching up the boys from their shortened campout, we hung around the house until a quarter after 10:00pm.  At that point we loaded everyone in the car to drive to higher ground until the initial wave passed through.  Our house is one block over from the flood zone, but since the Fire/Police/Rescue units evacuated, we though it might be a good idea too.  The good news is, the surged was much less than the experts predicted and we were at home tucking into bed by 10:45pm.  A walk on the beach this morning showed just a bit more seaweed and a slightly higher tide, but no damage.  All is well in paradise.
Kailua, Hawaii

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